Housing Coop holds inaugural General Meeting

(by Wanjawa, W. B.)

Friday, December 17, 2010

On Friday, December 17, 2010, members of UTAFITI Housing Cooperative held their inaugural General Meeting at ILRI Nairobi campus.  The meeting was presided over by the District Cooperative Officer for Nairobi West, Mrs. Dolphine Aremo, who was accompanied by Mr. Oluma, a Cooperative Officer from the same office.  The meeting started at about 1.00pm at the tent outside UTAFITI SACCO offices.

The main agenda for the day was to officially present the certificate for the new Cooperative, elect the officials, provide a bank mandate and the approval of the budget.

By way of introduction, Mr. Wanjawa, the interim secretary, gave a history of the journey taken by members in getting the cooperative finally registered.  The genesis being the quest by members to buy land, leading to pooling of funds and identification of a land site at Ongata Rongai.  The initial group failed to get the land but their zeal to continue prospecting led to the formalization of the group as the Housing Cooperative.  The Ministry of Cooperative really assisted in advising on what to do, and ultimately pushing for the speedy registration of the new cooperative.

Mrs. Aremo then officially presented the certificate of registration for UTAFITI Housing Cooperative to the members, through Mr. Njahira, the interim Vice-Chairman.

The members then elected their officials and passed various resolutions to guide the Housing Coop for the next year.  The members unanimously agreed to confirm the interim officials in their current capacities – Michael Arunga as Chairman, Moses Njahira as Vice-Chairman, Barack Wanjawa as Secretary, Duncan Chacha as Treasurer and Ezra Oyoo as Member.  A supervisory committee was also elected with the members being Terry Amaya, Ngubia Mwangi and Pamela Marinda.

Resolutions passed during the meeting included determination of the bankers, auditors, borrowing powers and indemnity.  Members also agreed to contribute 500/= each per month to support operations of Housing Coop until it is able to self-sustain or as directed by future General Meetings.

Members were full of zeal and optimism even as the meeting ended at 1.20pm.  Informal discussions held as members took their refreshments was indicative of the willingness of all members to acquire some land in the next year.