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UTAFITI SACCO Ltd was registered in 1978 with its initial membership being drawn from the employees of ILRI and other organizations of a ‘common bond’ hosted at ILRI i.e (CIP, IITA, ISAAA and AATF), CABI, St. Lawrence University, IPGRI and Africa Harvest. Membership is now open to other organizations subject to these organizations indicating their willingness to abide by the by-laws.


 UTAFITI SACCO’s operations are centered on membership.  Stable and growing membership will continue to remain the society’s focus. A person of either gender shall be eligible for membership who possesses all of the following qualifications:

Is within the field of membership consisting of the following common bond: Employees of ILRI, IITA, ISAAA, CIP, AATF, CABI, St. Lawrence University, BIOVERSITY, AHBF and other organizations vetted by the Board and approved at the Annual general meeting OR is a spouse or friend of any of the members above.

      • Is not less than eighteen years of age (read together with (g) below)
      • Is of good character and good standing
      • Is not a member of another SACCO society dealing with the same objective
      • Is not directly or indirectly, a money lender, cash debt collector,  or carrying out such activities detrimental to the objectives of the SACCO.
      • Is in employment, occupation, or profession which falls within the category or description of those for which the co-operative is established, and
      • Is a member of the immediate family of the primary member, under this case, candidates who are less than 18 years could be eligible BUT they would have to remain under the guardianship of the primary member
      • A member who stops working for the common employer shall have a right to remain a member of the society.
      • (*extracted from By-laws, article 11)

Utafiti Sacco generally follows the principle of “once a member, always a member,” which allows current Sacco membership to continue even if the individual would no longer qualify to be a member  (such as having changed professions or moved outside the area).  If a member voluntarily terminates their membership, they are eligible to rejoin, subject to the Sacco’s by-laws and Cooperative’s regulations.

All members of UTAFITI SACCO receive equal treatment and attention. Utafiti now allows immediate family members of the principal member to join the SACCO for membership expansion.  With a wide variety of ways to qualify to join the Sacco, Utafiti has a much broader “field of membership” than its name would imply.