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Download the membership application form here. Attach your passport photo, copy of ID and a copy of your KRA pin certificate. You will also need to be introduced by a member of the Sacco

An email with your membership number will be sent to you within 48hrs

Yes, a one-off fee of Ksh.1000

The minimum monthly contribution is Ksh.3,000

The share capital is the permanent member contribution towards the Sacco capital it cannot be withdrawn even on exit but instead can be transferred to another willing member. Each member is required to acquire a minimum share capital of Ksh 20,000 (100 shares each at Ksh20)

The share capital is not refundable. It can only be transfered to an existing Sacco member or be sold to another Sacco member when one ceases being a member at the SACCO.

  •        Attractive dividend rate paid annually
  •          Fast and efficient loan processing
  •          Open and easy communication to the Sacco

Yes, you may introduce your friends, colleagues and Family to join the Sacco

To qualify for a loan, One must have saved regularly for at least 3 months and has raised the minimum share capital of Ksh. 20,000

We take your savings as security and if borrowing over and above your savings, then you need to have guarantors or a title deed as security for your loan. 

The period varies depending on the loan type. All loans are processed within 48hrs apart from the Dhamana loan that is processed within 60 days due to the land legal and valuation exercise involved

When applying for a loan, one is required to fill in a loan application form (which can be downloaded from our website), attach a copy of their National ID, KRA certificate, and their latest 3 months payslip/ Bank statement (certified).

There is no limit on the number of guarantors of importance is that the loan is fully guaranteed

Savings to loan ration 1:3 & 1:4 depending on the product

No there isn’t, once your loan is disbursed interest starts accruing immediately hence all loan schedule are set to the last day of the month

The short -term loans have a repayment period of less than 30 months and the long-term loans have a loan repayment of above 36 months

Yes, one can have more than one short-term loan but only one long-term loan running at a given time.

If one is taking a top-up loan, a 5% fee of the existing loan will be charged.

Your liability as a guarantor reduces as the loanee pays the loan and this is accessible to you via your member's portal profile

The Sacco shall vigorously endeavor to pursue the defaulter for payment for at least 3 months.  In the 1st month of default, the defaulter will receive their 1st demand notice, in the second month of default, both the defaulter and guarantor will receive a demand notice.  If no repayment is received by the end of the third month of default, then Sacco shall deduct from guarantors in the proportions in which they guaranteed

If one is exiting the Sacco membership, they need to do the following:

·         Write a withdraw request letter to the Sacco

·         Give notice of 60 days in case of any refunds due to the member

·         Inform all members he has guaranteed to seek an alternative guarantor (Refunds will be done only after all guarantors have been replaced