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Super Saver Loan

loan Overview

·     This is a Type 1 loan (long-term loan).

One must have been a member of the Sacco for at least 3 years to qualify for this loan. 

The multiplier effect is 4 times the member’s deposits. 

The minimum amount that can be borrowed is KShs. 1,000,000. 

The minimum monthly contributions/savings shall be KShs. 10,000 after taking this product.

The interest rate is 1.0833% per month on a reducing balance. 

The maximum repayment period is 6 years (72 months). 

One must have a minimum a share capital of KShs. 30,000

One cannot have any other type 1 loan, but can have any other type 2 loan. 

This loan can only be refinanced to itself.

One must have paid up to 20% of the existing Super Saver loan to qualify for refinancing. 

One can refinance all the other loans to a Super saver loan provided the member meets the above conditions. 

If a member takes a super saver loan based on four times multiplier, he/she will only be legible to apply for short-term loans having paid at 20% of the supersaver loan, and the total of remaining super saver and new loan shall not exceed 3x multiplier.

If a member taking a super saver loan does not exhaust the 4x multiplier, they are legible for short-term loans at any time, provided the total of all loans does not exceed 3x multiplier.

Any new loans taken after the super saver loan will be calculated based on the additional savings made after taking the super saver loan.  

A member with a super saver loan is however be eligible for promotional loan products by the SACCO as developed from time to time and salary advance loan.


  • Loan Type: Super Saver Loan
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