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UTAFITI SACCO has identified members’ savings as one of its key result areas, which requires thorough and result-oriented focus to ensure consistent growth in savings, and sustainable return on investment.

          • Share Capital
          • Member Deposits
          • Spouse Deposits
          • Children Deposits
          • Holiday Savings

The minimum monthly contribution per member is KShs.3,000.00. This is the same rate for Spouse members. Minimum contribution for children is KShs.1,500 Share Capital per member, or spouse, is Kshs. 20,000.00 (100 shares of Ksh. 20.00 each). Shares are transferable from one member to another after approval by the board and upon payment of a transfer fee of KShs.500 by each member.

Holiday savings can be refunded twice per calendar year. The interest rate is 4% p.a. Utafiti Sacco typically pays higher interest rates on deposits and charges lower interest on loans than other financial institutions. Members also earn dividends on their shares